Overview/History Edit

Born from the moment of Dabura's death, the time breakers we're established by the demon king's sister the brilliant scientist Towa and her creation Mira. They seek to gather large amounts of energy from powerful warriors to ultimately break the seal on the demon realm. To better facilitate this, they sew chaos across the universe to ensure powerful warriors are always around and battling one another.

Important Figures Edit

Towa Edit

The younger sister of the demon king Dabura, Towa was a determined student of the demonic sciences but when her sibling was killed by majin Buu due to Babidi's manipulations, she swore vengeance on duo and vowed to break the barrier between the universe and the demon realm to expand their influence. To accomplish this she would rely on her wealth of scientific knowledge, the vast empire she inherited and her manufactured champion.

Mira Edit

In order to achieve her goals Towa needed massive amounts of energy to gather this power, she needed a champion. Capturing a Superior human from Age three hundred years in the future she subjected this warrior to thorough conditioning and modification with the DNA of some of history's greatest warriors until the man was no more. in his place stood the demonic bio-android Mira. Acting as the new demon king of Towa's realm in place of Dabura and as Towa's Champion, Mira may very well be the strongest being in all of the demon realm and yet he hungers for something.

Dark Masked King Edit

A mysterious masked warrior pulled from an unknown point of time, who seemingly obeys Towa and Mira without uttering a single word. Acting as their agent in the universe the masked warrior may challenge enemies of the Time breakers when they least suspect it.

The Demon Soldiers Edit

An army of Demons that were originally a part of Dabura's Dark empire. These soldiers have undergone some measure of modification by Towa making them likely one of the largest and most formidable armies within the demon realm. Multiple variants of these soldiers exist each with abilities geared to certain opponents and environment, thankfully at best Towa and Mira can only bring a handful of these soldiers with them on missions so long as the barrier remains.