Seren is the reborn Queen of Earth, Serenity, in the form of a Ghost Warrior, a race created by Dr. Raichi to better replicate and emulate various powerful warriors. Seren used to believe herself to be the typical youth, having a family and even attending school; however, she never seemed to make friends and the few who she did make all fell ill the more they hung out or around her. Even her own mother fell ill when she was young, and tragically died as a result of the destron gas that the teenager didn't even know she was secreting. Regardless, Seren continued to go through a vaguely normal life, albeit without any social contact up until her final year of highschool, only a year after her father decided to run out on her due to a gambling debt he had accumulated long before the death of her mother.

At 17 Seren came into contact with Icarus Elazar, a talented young man in his own right, and the two became fast friends. She hadn't known him for very long, but he had revealed that he was actually an extremely capable fighter, on par with a Super Hero even, and since then the two had become inseparable; doing almost everything together. Sadly, their happiness took a brief turn for tragedy when Seren discovered she wasn't human, the grief making her withdraw for a brief period from her friends. Since then, Icarus, Seren, Michaell and Yang have been on a quest for the Dragon Balls, a mystical set of wish granting balls rumored to grant any wish.

On their trip to Yardrat, the first planet the four had gone to prior to Namek, Seren spent a lot of time training and attempting to catch up to Icarus in terms of Power Level. After the events on Yardrat however, she had withdrawn herself entirely again, and within this moment, had somewhat discovered who the elusive and beautiful woman in her subconscious was; A prodigal Shaman Warrior by the name of Serenity. Unbeknownst to Seren, Serenity is the woman who her generator had attempted to recreate, but had somehow fumbled in the process, creating a strange combination between Serenity's sibling, Megumi, and herself.

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Serenity's Sister, Megumi Asahi