Dodge and/or Block, Deflect energy attacks in Battle
To use one of your free dodge, blocks and deflects you must say in your next post in the chat room whether you decided to dodge that attack, block it or deflect it. After you do your choice you can then follow up with you next attack towards that opponent. The one defensive maneuver you use will lost point in its total amount of times it can be used in a battle which is defaulted at 3/3/3.
When one of these is used, you first factor in your guard and then reductions done by deflect or block.

Blocking - You block the opponents attack with your hands or feet reducing the damage done by the attack ½ [Divide the attack damage by 2].

Dodging - Dodging an attack makes you avoid the attack that is being used on you causing you no damage to your HP.

Deflect - A deflect is when you push away an attack. This reduces the damage of the attack by 75%. Which means you only take 25% of the incoming damage. Energy Attacks which are below 17% can only be deflected in this matter and require a technique otherwise.

Starting Dodge/Block/Deflect
You start with 3 dodges/3 blocks/ and 3 deflects defense points which allow for use of each defense.
See below for further detail on how they can be used for specific attack.

Any Attack below 25% AD - Requires 1 of your free dodges or block to defend against this type of attack.

Any Attack 25% AD and above - Requires 2 of your free dodges, blocks, or deflects if you wish to defend against this type of attack.