Performing a Chance% Roll: The newly introduced system of chance can be performed by check marking it as you make a post on the forum. This is mainly used to give a percent chance of someone targeting a limb for paralysis and severing, or by giving a chance for an attack to be “Cannot be Dodged, Blocked, or Deflected”. Any techniques using this chance% roll will state it in the Techniques page. When a Chance% Roll is performed, you cannot edit your topic after you have posted it or it will not count.
[Ex. This post has been edited by Vegeta on Jan 26 2011, 12:47 PM] . If you do edit your post you must re-post the entire topic and delete the old one. This is to prevent any cheating since the roll CAN be edited.</span>

The Chance% Roll chooses a single number that has a range from 0 - 11 (12 total possible outcomes). Every three numbers starting from 0 equals a 25% chance of something happening. Some examples are below. Knowing this isnt important, but just an understanding of how it works. </span>

[One Number = 8.333333333% Chance]
[Two Numbers = 16.66666667% Chance]
[Three Numbers = 25% Chance]
[Four Numbers = 33.33333333% Chance]
[Five Numbers = 41.66666667% Chance]]
[Six Numbers = 50% Chance]
[Seven Numbers = 58.33333333% Chance]
[Eight Numbers = 66.66666666% Chance]
[Nine Numbers = 75% Chance]