Each of the fighter’s turns are considered part of the Battle Sequence. The first fighter performs an attack towards their opponent which is considered the first part of the sequence. The Defending fighter which is part of the next squence has the chance to defend against that attack and then perform their own attack against them. Both turns by each fighter is considered a complete Battle Sequence.

Each fighter's turn in the Battle Sequence consists of these three phases:

1) Defending Phase which consists of defending against an attack using a dodge, block, deflect point/s. If you don’t have any of these points remaining or you have not been attacked yet, you skip this stage and start with the Preparation Stage.
2) Preparation Phase is the stage in which you have the option of performing a Technique towards your opponent to improve your chances in the battle. [Offensive Technique, Defensive Technique or Power Up Technique]
3) Attack Phase, the third and final phase in a turn is where you perform an attack to cause damage to your opponent.
- A Final Attack Phase is added durning the battle when your opponent is in a “Downed State” to determine their fate.