You obtain battle experience when you participate in a battle. During any battle you choose to gain any of these experience points to give you a total at the end. These points are used to be able to get Transformations. Obtaining Battle Experience also gives the fighter training points. Every 20 Battle Experience a fighter earns from battle they will receive 1 Training Points. When you complete a battle please put the points you earned in the same topic as you posted or did your battle on the forum so you and I can see what you gained. Below is the usual battle experience distribution which can be earned in a battle. This can change whenever the moderator pleases. - You meet NO Battle Experience conditions when someone retreats from a battle The fighter who retreats from the battle is punished, as the default victor is rewarded slightly with Battle Experience shown below:
Your Opponent Retreats from battle - +2 Battle Experience.
The fighter who retreats from the battle - -5 Battle Experience.

Battle Experience conditions to meet:
Participating in the Battle - +5 Battle Experience
Winning the Battle - +2 Battle Experience
Killing your opponent - +3 Battle Experience
Dying in Battle - +1 Battle Experience
Using no techniques in battle victory (Must have a technique) - +2 Battle Experience
Using no energy type attacks (Excluding Energy Blast/s and Energy Beam) in battle victory (Must have an energy attack or a super energy attack)- +2 Battle Experience
Using no Fighting Skills in battle victory (Only if you have one) - +1 Battle Experience
Near death victory (Your Hp at or below 25% of it's maximum and winning) - +5 Battle Experience
Lower power level victory (Opponent is at least two times your power level) - +7 Battle Experience
Obtaining a Dragonball from opponent victory - +3 Battle Experience
Using no Healing Supplies victory - +1 Battle Experience
Gained at least 75 PUR in battle - +1 Battle Experience
Gained at least 100 PUR in battle - +1 Battle Experience
Not Transforming in Battle [Only if you have one] - +1
Team Battle - +1 Battle Experience
Becoming victorious in battle in under two rounds - +1 Battle Experience
Defeating an Evil fighter in battle (Good Only) - +1 Battle Experience
Defeating a Good fighter in battle (Evil Only) - +1 Battle Experience